Using Click Witchery for learning!

Teachers and students are forever coming up with new ways of using technology for learning. We are hoping that many of them choose Click Witchery as a tool for learning. One of the most exciting things about developing technology is to watch as smart people start using it ways you had not imagined.

One of the ways teachers explain maths is to use multi-step word problems. A problem is described and the student has to work out the solution.

An example could be:
“I can read 1 page in 4 minutes. I read for 1 hour every day. I am currently at page 204 of a 369-page book.  How many days will it take me to finish it?”.

This problem is solved by breaking the problem into steps, and working out each step so that the student solves the problem.  We would break the solve the problem above as follows:

“I have read 204 pages so I have 369-204 = 165 pages.
In 4 minutes I read 1 page.
In 1 hour I read 60/4 = 15 pages.
I read for 1 hour per day and read 15 pages per day.
I will finish the book in 165/15 = 11 days.”

With Click Witchery we can create a presentation where the student can see the problem, try and work it out and when they have come to their own solution they can click on the problem to see the correct solution.

I have attached the files I have used for this presentation here, Multi Step Word Problems, and you are welcome to try it for yourself or to use my presentation. The link is