Using Click Witchery for learning!

Teachers and students are forever coming up with new ways of using technology for learning. We are hoping that many of them choose Click Witchery as a tool for learning. One of the most exciting things about developing technology is to watch as smart people start using it ways you had not imagined.

One of the ways teachers explain maths is to use multi-step word problems. A problem is described and the student has to work out the solution.

An example could be:
“I can read 1 page in 4 minutes. I read for 1 hour every day. I am currently at page 204 of a 369-page book.  How many days will it take me to finish it?”.

This problem is solved by breaking the problem into steps, and working out each step so that the student solves the problem.  We would break the solve the problem above as follows:

“I have read 204 pages so I have 369-204 = 165 pages.
In 4 minutes I read 1 page.
In 1 hour I read 60/4 = 15 pages.
I read for 1 hour per day and read 15 pages per day.
I will finish the book in 165/15 = 11 days.”

With Click Witchery we can create a presentation where the student can see the problem, try and work it out and when they have come to their own solution they can click on the problem to see the correct solution.

I have attached the files I have used for this presentation here, Multi Step Word Problems, and you are welcome to try it for yourself or to use my presentation. The link is


Introducing Click Witchery!

Sometimes you just want to put a picture and some words on a web page. Click Witchery is for those other times when you have something important to tell the world, when we want to present rather than just have your audience look and read, when you want pictures that are interactive and fun. It has been possible to do something similar to what Click Witchery can do for quite a while. The catch was you need money for the software and the person who will edit and an awful lot of time. To sell a house you could get a graphic designer in to create a beautiful animation in Adobe Flash or similar. It could have taken a couple of days but it would look good. Click Witchery allows you create presentations to sell your house in twenty minutes or less. With Click Witchery images the customer will control what they do.

Here is an example of a Click Witchery presentation. If you click on one of the dogs, you will see another image of them.

Click Witchery is an interactive media platform which allows for more complete visual communication. Click Witchery presentations are created by highlighting an area of a graphic and linking this with graphics or other media. When the viewer views the presentation clicking once will show the sub graphic beside the parent graphic. If there are no further level to the sub graphic double clicking will cause a popup window to appear and if there are further levels the sub graphic will become the main graphic in the presentation. The viewer can then click on the hotspots and see further levels.

Elsewhere on this website you can see examples of Click Witchery presentations. The three main groups which have so far shown interest in this technology are in education, real estate and web & marketing. We have organised our website to reflect this. We have also been told by new users that what they want is lots of examples and tutorials. Again, we are working to have material which will help you get started quickly with Click Witchery.

We are now in the pre-release phase of our launch. Our plan is to officially launch Click Witchery on Halloween (31st October) 2016. One thing we intend doing is allowing people to create a small number of presentations each month without having to pay us. Instead we are suggesting that individuals who are creating less than 5 presentations per month just give some money to their favourite charity. Until Halloween 2016 you can use Click Witchery on this basis too.

I hope you enjoy using Click Witchery!