Our Story

Our story

Wojtek and Peter, our founders, first started working together in 1995 in Dublin, Ireland. They worked for the translation company Berlitz GlobalNET which was later acquired by Lionbridge. Translation is something that has been round an awful long time. Wojtek and Peter’s job main focus was to find new smarter ways of delivering this service. They created the world first commercial online translation service and built that up to a successful business which is still going strong today. They were one of the first to use web services in a commercial setting.

After 11 successful years working together they both went on to do different things. Peter helped turn Kilgray, a translation technology company, into one of the leaders in its field. Wojtek created technology which helped Polish estate agents and others sell homes. The inspiration for Click Witchery came from here.

At the beginning of 2016, over twenty years since they first started working together, Wojtek and Peter have launched a new company, Click Witchery.

Wojtek lives in Dublin, Ireland and is Polish.

Peter lives in Warsaw, Poland and is Irish.

What is Click Witchery!