CLICK WITCHERY FRIDAY SHOWCASE: Multi-step word problems

We are returning to education for today’s Friday Showcase. This shows how a number of Multi step problems and when you click on one of them you see the answer.

This is very simple presentation where clicking on the problem reveals the solution.
Clicking on will show this in split screen mode. Hovering over a square with your cursor will show the answer on the right hand side.

Click Witchery Friday Showcase: Bloomsday

Yesterday was Bloomsday. The novel, Ulysses by James Joyce, is set on 16th June 1904. In the 1950’s a group of Irish writers decided to celebrate Joyce by walking in the footsteps of the novel’s hero, Leopold Bloom. This walk included visiting the pubs mentioned in the novel.
Today’s showcase presentation is about Bloomsday. It includes graphics of events such as “Bloomsday marathons” and events celebrating Joyce around the world. It includes a video of the first bloomsday.

Click Witchery Friday Showcase: Dublin’s Rock and Roll wall of fame

Today’s Friday Showcase is a Click Witchery presentation on Dublin’s Rock and Roll wall of fame. This is located at the Irish rock n roll museum in Temple Bar, Dublin.

When you click on the artist on the wall a video of them performing opens up. We have previously written a blog on adding videos which has useful information on this.
I hope you like it!

Click Witchery Friday Showcase: London Underground

Today’s Friday Showcase is a Click Witchery presentation on the London Underground.

One of the problems most tourist have is matching the attractions of London with Underground stations. This map allows you to click on the place symbol beside some of the train stations and get an idea of why you may want to get off the station here and explore.
This presentation was created by using a map of the central part of the London underground as the central image and using place symbols to mark an interesting spot. When the viewer clicks on the place symbol they see a picture of a local attraction. In the case of Tower Hill, Westminster and Leicester Square we have montages which can be clicked on to see pictures of the attractions.


I hope you like it!