Creating a Poster Presentation with Click Witchery

Poster presentations are widely used at academic and other conferences. The idea is that you create a poster to explain some topic. This is printed and displayed and anyone can look at it to get an understanding of the topic. The person who created the poster is usually there to talk about it.

There are some excellent resources available on creating poster presentations:

There is a presumption that a poster should always be printed and displayed. However, there is nothing to stop anyone creating an electronic poster and displaying via a monitor. Click Witchery has excellent functionality for doing just that and I will show you how this is done by creating a poster presentation on the plays of William Shakespeare.
We have designed our presentations so that we divide the plays of Shakespeare into Comedies, Tragedies and Historical plays. There is a graphic on each of these which lists the plays in that category and we then look at one play in more detail.
You can see the structure in Click Witchery here.


We have included the graphic files used for this presentation here. Creating the presentation is simple. After you have created and named the presentation you add the graphic file with the picture of Shakespeare. We will next add the graphic file which lists the comedies of Shakespeare and link that to the word “Comedy” in the first graphic by drawing a polygon around that word. We will then click on the object, Comedy, we have just created and add a new object with the graphic detailing The Merchant of Venice. We will again link this by drawing a polygon around the image in the Comedy object.
We will then do the same for Tragedies and Historical plays.

This video takes you through this process.

Here is the completed Click Witchery presentation:

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